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If you’re looking for the most innovative and reputable turf grass seed production company, then consider Barenbrug. Eastern Colorado Seeds is your local Barenbrug USA distributor. Barenbrug has been the leading grass seed business in the world for over 100 years. Barenbrug offers products for a wide range of applications and it's turfs have been used in international leagues and prestigious events like the Olympic Games, World Cup Soccer and golf courses around the world. Through the introduction of the GreenEarth quality label, Barenbrug is helping green keepers and green space managers to achieve a more sustainable use and management of grass. A GreenEarth label means that the grass scores better than the previous generation in terms of at least one of the following aspects: reduced water use, reduced use of fertilizers, reduced use of herbicides and fungicides and reduced mowing.

USA is headquartered in Tangent, Oregon. With a history of more than thirty years in the grass seed business, the Tangent facility immediately contributed people, products, and experience to the Barenbrug Group's entry into the North American turf grass market nearly a decade ago.

110,000 square-foot central office and production/warehouse facility has been open since early 1997. This ultra-modern structure was designed to efficiently accommodate their operations and volume of business well into the next century. Fast, accurate turf grass seed order processing and shipping are now -- and will continue to be -- the key to Barenbrug USA's success in the highly competitive grass seed business. This major investment in the heart of Oregon's Willamette Valley will allow Barenbrug to process and ship custom orders with turn-around times unheard of just a few years ago.


PanAm Bermudagrass BarenbrugPanAm - SuperCharged PanAm Bermudagrass

Ideal for fairways, tees, driving range, near-rough, and turf areas adjacent to club grounds and amenities

  • Significantly improved overall turf quality and traffic tolerance  
  • All Barenbrug bermudagrass offerings provide Yellow Jacket® Enhanced Coated seed for fast
  • 'Super Charged' germination, early establishment, and ease of handling when seeded

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Sports Turf
For sports turf performance, the answer is Barenbrug USA. Around the world, from professional sports venues to your community's local fields, our ability to provide varieties with superior traffic tolerance and wear recovery is the best. Turf seed for sports turf and play: it's in our DNA!