Forage Grasses

Perennial Forage Grass Mixtures

HP Beef Master

BEEF MASTER Cattle Forage Mixture is a mixture of forage grasses and white clover, formulated for
raising stocker cattle, beef cows and calves.
BEEF MASTER Cattle Forage Mixture contains edophyte-free soft-leaved tall fescues with improved
palatability and digestibility, which increases intake compared to traditional tall fescues.
Orchardgrass varieties in BEEF MASTER Cattle Forage Mixture are late-maturing and grazing
tolerant. BEEF MASTER Cattle Forage Mixture also contains perennial ryegrass known for rapid
establishment and exceptional forage quality. Remingon, the featured perennial ryegrass, combines
the yield and disease resistance of a tetrploid and the denstiy, winterhardiness, and persistence of a

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HP Stock Master

STOCK MASTER Multi-Purpose Forage Mixture is a dependable, multi-purpose forage mixture.
STOCK MASTER Multi-Purpose Forage Mixture provides a palatable, digestible forage mixture which is
ideal pasture mixture for cattle, sheep, goats, llama, alpacas, and horses.
STOCK MASTER Multi-Purpose Forage Mixture is formulated with improved varieties of endophytefree perennial ryegrass, tall fescue and orchardgrass. Perennial ryegrass establishes rapidly, perfoms
well in a grazing situation, and is highly palatable and digestible. Improved varieties of tall fescue
contribute persistence, winterhardiness, drought tolerance, and are an excellent source of digestible
fiber. Orchardgrass is highly palatable and digestible and provides quality feed into the summer months.
STOCK MASTER Multi-Purpose Forage Mixture is also suited for high-moisture cutting and hay

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HP Hay Master

HAYMASTER is an ideal grass seed mixture for hay production in the west.
HAYMASTER is a mix of ECS’s elite late-maturing, soft-leaved tall fescues and late-maturing
orchardgrass. HAYMASTER reaches peak production in late spring and early summer after spring
rains have subsided; providing growers the opportunity to swath hay in the dry season. The
soft-leaf texture of the tall fescue matches well with the leaf softness of orchardgrass, making
quality of mies grass hay bale appealing to the hay buyer.
HAYMASTER provides high yeilds into the summer. Unlike standard tall fescue, ECS’s elite
soft-leaved tall fescues maintain high forage quality through the summer months; resulting in
high forage quality hay at every cutting

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HP Dryland Pasture Mix

DRYLAND PASTURE MIX is a mixture of seeds that combine high quality drought tolerant varieties
and high yielding seeds for pastures where abundant rainfall is not available.
Supplemental irrigation will be required.
• DRYLAND PASTURE MIX is coated with Yellow Jacket to improve germination when
available moisture is most needed by the plant.
• DRYLAND PASTURE MIX is made up with 70% early maturing species to take
advantage of available moisture.
• DRYLAND PASTURE MIX is formulated for both horse and cattle pastures.
• High yields.
• High forage quality - palatable and nutritious.
• Improved winterhardiness and persistence (3 years)

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Forage grasses - Seeds available from ECS

Italian Ryegrass

Epic Italian Ryegrass Blend
  • Excellent Forage Quality
  • High Dry Matter Production
  • Great Component in Your TMR
EPIC ITALIAN RYEGRASS BLEND is a unique blend of diploid and tetraploid Italian ryegrass varieties. Combining tetraploid and diploid varieties maximizes the advantages each has to offer. The tetraploid provides high dry matter production, disease resistance to crown rust and improved palatability. The diploid is added for better persistence under grazing and improved traffic tolerance

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Teff Forage Grass  - Seed available from Eastern Colorado Seed.

Teff Grass

Corvallis Teff Grass

Corvallis Teff grass is a summer annual forage for livestock and commercial hay producers who often need a fast growing, high yielding crop with competitive forage quality. Adapted all across the U.S. as hay, silage or pasture for dairy, beef or horses.

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