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Eastern Colorado Seeds: Forage Seed Distributor

Forage plants are nature’s miracles. They allow us to produce high quality food and fiber on land not suited for human food production. Using only sunlight, water, and soil nutrients, forage grasses and legumes produce low-cost protein and energy for livestock. At Eastern Colorado Seeds we are proud to present to you our new forage catalog. As your regional distributors for Alta Seeds, Barenbrug Forages and Mycogen Seeds, you can count on us to ensure that you can access all of the seeds you need to produce forage crops for your livestock. Generations of selections have gone into the current line of forage varieties. Each of these improved varieties were selected to improve animal performance. Durability, productivity, and forage quality are characteristics bred into todays latest forages. These important traits help produce healthier animals that grow faster, yield more milk, show better weight gains, and in other words, produce more profits. ECS is proud to contribute to American agriculture by offering these improved genetics.

Forage Seeds

Annual Ryegrass
  • Epic Annual Ryegrass

  • Barkant Turnip
  • T-Raptor Hybrid
  • Barsica

  • Matua
  • Hakari

Italian Ryegrass
  • Epic Italian Ryegrass

  • Epic Orchardgrass

Perennial Ryegrass
  • Bison 2

Red Clover
  • Freedom
  • Barduro

Tall Fescue
  • BarOptima PLUS E34
  • Barolex & Bariane
  • Drover
  • Bar Elite
  • Prosper

  • Corvallis Teff
  • Tiffany Teff

  • Barfleo
  • Barpenta
  • Tenho

White Clover
  • Alice
  • Barblanca White Clover
  • Barblanca Ladino Clover

Mixtures & Blends

The Art of Foraging

In the past, tribes and small communities either searched far and wide for the best soil or they made do. Forage plants are designed to withstand tougher climates. They also allow us access to all sorts of out of season plants and vegetables throughout the year. Their overt durability, productivity, and overall longevity and health allow these plants to produce results for farms for long durations of time with a high turnover. This allows farmers to maximize their efficiency beyond expectations, and reach quotas with certainty.

They only really rely on soil, water, sunlight, and some very basic nutrients. We have expanded our forage plant catalog to include a whole new slerw of groundbreaking new plants that have previously been quite hard to come by.

We are truly expanding the breadth of reach of these favored plants, and driving a decisive stake into the quick trend towards massively commercialized and mass-produced products. They devalue the produce quality and are ultimately less healthy because of it. Practice a healthier lifestyle for customers and reach the demographics that value true quality seeds.

The old adage goes along the lines of our business. We do not feed a man a fruit, but we teach a man to plant. it is this very concept that drives our business into the future and beyond.