Forage Seed Know How - ECS

Forage seed is one of the ways you can make land productive even if it is not suitable for human crop growth. Some growers refer to this as creating pasture. Forage seed is planted in order provide sustenance for livestock. Creating pastureland will not only create a productive atmosphere to all of your land, but can also add beauty to the landscape of your land as well. However, creating a pasture with forage seed is not as simple as just sowing seed. Some thought does need to go into your new pasture land.

The first step in creating productive pasture land is to control the weed growth and then to adjust the soil fertility. Once this has been done it is time to select which type of forage seed you will use in your new pasture land.

Planting Zones
Planting zones are an important element in your decision making process. One of our knowledgeable representatives at ECS Forage Surf Seed can help you identify the different types of forage seed and grass seed that would work well in your particular part of the country. Some forage seed work better in cooler climates than do others. You should also take into consideration that if you want your pasture to continue producing forage materials for you livestock throughout the year, then you should use a combination of cool season and warm season forage seed.

When to Plant
Depending on whether you are dealing with cool season grasses or warm season grasses will determine when is the best time to plant each. Cool season grasses that are planted in early spring will get optimum rainfall, although you may experience a little more problem with weeds. However, the tradeoff is worth it. Warm season grasses can be planted in early summer. You should check soil temperatures to ensure that seeds will thrive.

Annual or Perennial
Alternating your pasture planting between annuals and perennials will ensure that your soil will be replenished with vital nutrients each year. Soil can become depleted over time if the same types of forage seed is planted over and over. Contact ECS Forge Turf Seed and let us help you choose the best Colorado seed choices for your farming needs.