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Sunflowers are a unique crop that gives growers the opportunity to sell in several different markets. But what hybrid is right for your operation? Whether it is high oleic, NuSun®, conoil, or confections, Nuseed has locally bred hybrids designed to perform in your field.


Colbalt II

Cobalt II is an early and disease resistant high oleic hybrid. A great fit for both wet fields and late plantings, Cobalt II also delivers high yields to back it up. With excellent disease resistance including protection against multiple races of downy mildew, Cobalt II is a hybrid you can rely on.
  • High oleic, Beyond herbicide tolerant
  • Excellent disease resistance
  • Excellent seed set and center fill
  • Shorter plant height

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With shorter plant height and earlier maturity, Daytona stands out in drier environments. Its excellent stalk and root strength are more than a match for strong winds. Combine all this with the Clearfield production system and this proven high oleic hybrid from Nuseed is a tough one to beat.
  • High oleic, Beyond herbicide tolerant
  • Excellent stalk and root strength
  • Improved disease tolerance
  • Does well in drier, western environments
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Looking for a high yielding high oleic hybrid with all-around protection? Hornet is for you. With stalk and root structures that have been proven against the elements and disease protection including downy mildew resistance, Hornet offers solid performance and profit.
  • High oleic, Beyond herbicide tolerant
  • Outstanding yield potential
  • Consistent oil content
  • Late season plant health
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A welcomed addition to Nuseed’s high oleic lineup, N4H302 E will not disappoint. Best suited for the northern growing regions, this hybrid moves well from east to west. N4H302 E impresses producers all season long with its early season emergence and excellent oleic content at harvest.
  • High oleic and Express herbicide tolerant
  • Excellent high oleic content
  • Great early season emergence
  • Good late season plant health
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N4H470 CL Plus

This hybrid delivers an all around win on the farm. With excellent agronomics including solid stalks and roots, plus the added benefits of downy mildew resistance and improved weed control with the Clearfield Plus production system, growers will achieve solid yields and top-end oil content.
  • Clearfield Plus for improved weed control
  • Consistently strong yield and oil content
  • Excellent stalk and root strength
  • Good late season plant health
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N4H421 CL

N4H521 CL is the fullest season high oleic hybrid in the Nuseed lineup and it yields big. The oil profile combined with a nice black seed color ensures multiple market options. An excellent fit for South Dakota, the High Plains and Texas, this hybrid will help a grower succeed with its outstanding yield potential.
  • High oleic and Beyond herbicide tolerant
  • Outstanding yield potential
  • Full season plant health
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Sierra is a high yielding, high oleic hybrid best suited to full season environments. This consistent performer offers an economical option for growers interested in growing a non-herbicide tolerant oilseed hybrid.
  • High oleic, conventional
  • Great stalk and roots
  • Best suited for full season, high-yield environments
  • Uniform single-cross hybrids
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Sheridan Lake Dryland Plot

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