Protexia® is a family owned and operated business. Our products are high quality, dependable and efficient. We always keep our customer in mind, this is why we keep innovating and creating new solutions.

We are trusted and have an established international reputation for providing exceptional customer service along with great products. We are experts in our field and have decades of experience. Our commitment to protect our global network of suppliers, distributors and customers extends into initiatives designed to help the world they do business in - by creating products as greenly and efficiently as possible.


Silage Covers / Oxygen Barriers / Underlayment Films

Oxygen Barriers: RaniSilo2 & RaniPro2
RaniSilO₂ represents a new generation of silage sheets with an added oxygen barrier feature for better forage quality.
RaniPrO₂ is an underlay film with an oxygen barrier feature.

Bunker & Silage Covers: RaniSilo
RaniSilo silage covers have excellent mechanical properties, which allow for convenient and easy usage and the best possible forage. Our sheets are the some of the widest seamless in the world at 72 feet wide and up to 1000' long.

Underlayment Film: RaniCover
RaniCover is a thin underlay film, which is designed to improve the quality of the feed. The separate film quickly clings to the silage in an optimal way and eliminates air pockets through its vacuum effect. The quality of the underlay film is important as it gives you an extra insurance against damage to the outer cover sheet.

Grain & Silage Bags

Agrirepel® Bags: Bird & Rodent Repellent
Our Agrirepel® Bags are premium quality bags with an added all-natural repellent, proven effective to repel birds, raccoons and rodents for up to 2 years in your field. The bags are safe to use for organic farming - the repellent is put into the plastic when the plastic is being made so it is in every square inch and doesn't migrate onto the food or user.

Standard: Eurobagging Silage & Grain Bags
Silage & Grain Bags from Eurobagging are the safest, highest quality storage for silage, feed, cereals and by-products. The film is manufactured by Rani Plast in Finland and folded using a proprietary method at the Eurobagging factory in Czech Republic.

TexNet™ Pro

TexNet™ is the most cost-efficient netwrap available on the market. It is stronger while being lighter per foot than its competitors.
  • Fits all types of balers (recommended minimum of 2.5 wraps)
  • Spreads evenly on the bale with ease
  • End Stripe Warning system - stripe catches your attention 165 feet before the end of the roll. 
  • Packaged in weatherproof polyethylene sleeves with re-usable, sturdy blue polypropylene straps for easy handling 
  • UV-resistant, treated anti-static
  • Strong, weather resistant cores with an ID number - for production traceability
  • Loading indication stripe

Big-Tex baler Twine

Our twines are suitable for all balers and known for their ease of use, strength and reliability.
Unlike our competitors, our lenghts are a "minimum guaranteed", which means you will never find a spool shorter than advertised. The properties of the twine make it very soft, which as much as doubles the service life of the tying machine. Good knot strength ensures that the knots in the bale will be maintained also under rough handling and winter storage