Forage Seeds - Annual Ryegrass

Annual Ryegrass establishes very rapidly, which gives high productivity in the planting season. This species is mainly used for overseeding warm season pastures in the fall. Annual ryegrass is capable of producing high forage yields in a very short period of time.

Epic Annual Ryegrass

Annual ryegrass forage seeds for beef cows
When size and quality matter, make it Epic Annual Ryegrass!
  • Excellent for overseeding and mechanical harvesting
  • Very rust restistant
  • Winter-hardy
  • High sugar content

EPIC ANNUAL RYEGRASS Brand is an improved medium-late maturity Tetraploid annual ryegrass. It was selected from several proven commercial varieties with a focus on high forage yield balanced with high seed yield. In addition it has excellent crown rust resistance and some resistance to Helminthosporium leaf spot disease and gray leaf spot disease. EPIC ANNUAL RYEGRASS Brand shows moderate cold tolerance. The variety was developed by the University of Florida.

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