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Orchardgrass is valuable on light textured soils due to its outstanding drought-tolerance. Most varieties have good winter-hardiness, although few varieties have superior winter-hardiness. The species is rather slow to establish but persistency is good under hay, silage, and proper grazing...


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Baridana is a late-maturing, highly palatable orchardgrass that produces a dense, leafy sward, without the bunching of traditional orchardgrass. This variety is more winter active, promoting earlier production in spring and later production in fall. Being winter active, Baridana is less winter hardy than varieties that are dormant during the winter. Baridana is an excellent choice for the transition zone because it is drought tolerant and produces forage later into the summer. Baridana exhibits exceptional rust resistance and is well-suited for grazing as well as hay production.
  • Late maturing 
  • Winter-hardy
  • Excellent rust resistance 
  • High digestibility 

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Baraula is a very late-maturing, winter-hardy Orchardgrass. It is one of the latest maturing orchardgrasses offered by Barenbrug USA. Baraula survives severe winters and endures hot, dry summers. It is leafier than traditional varieties and maintains its quality late into the season. Baraula produces excellent quality forage which is highly palatable and digestible. Its late maturity makes it ideal for interplanting with alfalfa.
  • Late maturing
  • Excellent to grow with Alfalfa
  • Very winter-hardy
  • High-energy feed
  • More leafy

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Intensiv20180408 4676 hv9krw
Intensiv Orchardgrass is a high yielding, late-maturing, winter-hardy variety of exceptional quality. Intensiv was bred specifically for increased animal nutrition by producing forage that is highly palatable and easily digestible. This quality is achieved by creating a plant with greater leafiness and by reducing the indigestible lignin component of the plant fiber. The benefits of this breeding are an increase in milk and meat production. Intensiv has robust seedling vigor making it quick to establish. This feature combined with excellent winter-hardiness, heat and drought tolerance, and outstanding disease resistance insures a long stand life.
  • Late-maturing
  • Quick to establish
  • High yielding
  • Exceptional palatability and digestibility
  • Excellent winter-hardiness
  • Outstanding disease resistance

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Hlr20180408 23950 1q7uux7
Years of breeding efforts goes into improving the forage quality and simultaneously the forage yield of orchardgrass varieties. High Leaf Ratio Orchardgrass Blend contains the best and latest orchardgrass varieties from Barenbrug's breeding program. The varieties have been selected for high leaf to stem ratio. This means more leaves for improved digestibility and energy, and less stems that reduce the feed quality and palatability of the forage. New diseases keep appearing in orchard grass stands. Barenbrug breeders are continuously selecting for disease tolerance and HLR Orchardgrass is tolerant to rust and other leaf diseases. The intermediate to late heading varieties in HLR are ideal for planting with alfalfa.
  • High yielding  
  • Exceptional palatability and digestibility  
  • Excellent winter-hardiness  
  • Outstanding disease resistance

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