Forage Seed-Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial Ryegrass is the most widely grown cool season forage grass in the world. In the past, perennial ryegrass use in North America was limited because existing varieties were only adapted to regions with mild climates. In the last few years, Barenbrug has successfully introduced more productive and more persistent varieties into North America.


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BG-24T is a unique, innovative blend of early and intermediate maturing diploid and tetraploid perennial ryegrass varieties. Nearly a decade ago, Barenbrug released BG-34 a blend with late maturing perennial ryegrass varieties. Since then, Barenbrug breeders have selected new more heat and cold tolerant perennial ryegrass varieties at trial sites in USA. Research by Barenbrug USA has shown that under high summer temperatures, early and intermediate maturing varieties perform better than very late maturing varieties. These new varieties have better disease tolerance and they perform better in the extreme environmental conditions experienced in cool-season grass growing regions of United States. BG-24T consists of mainly diploid perennial ryegrass varieties which provide a dense stand, along with some tetraploid perennial ryegrass which improve the overall palatability and productivity of the grass field.
  • Fast germination and strong seedling vigor
  • High yielding
  • Highly palatable and nutritious
  • High in digestible fiber
  • Improved winter-hardiness and disease resistance

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BG-34 is a well-proven blend of mid-to late-maturing diploid perennial ryegrasses. The varieties in BG-34 are selected for persistence, productivity and disease resistance in the continental climate of North America. These varieties are more stress tolerant compared to traditional European varieties which are grown in milder climates. BG-34 has exceptional palatability and digestibility, making it perfect for grass finishing or peak milk production. In addition to providing high quality forage, the yields are also impressive. Being later heading, BG-34 is ideal for those regions with wet springs that preclude early grazing or cutting. Later heading allows for better quality forage over an extended period. BG-34 is well-suited for both intensive grazing and cutting for high moisture silage.
  • Rapid establishment and re-growth
  • High yielding with long leaves and short stems
  • Exceptional palatability and nutritive value
  • High disease resistance and winter-hardiness
  • Wear tolerant
  • Add Alice white clover for nitrogen fixation

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Mara is an intermediate maturity, diploid perennial ryegrass with high yields.  Mara has exceptional winter-hardiness, and exhibits more tolerance to heat and drought than traditional perennial ryegrasses  Mara establishes quickly, exhibits rapid regrowth and easily forms a dense sward.  Exceptional forage quality, make it ideal in a grazing situation.  Combined with Alice white clover, Mara can utilize the nitrogen fixation to increase yields.
  • High yielding
  • Persistent

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Remington is a high-yielding, high-quality tetraploid ryegrass that shares many attributes of a diploid type. Remington was selected in the U.S. for its sward density, high yields, and excellent disease resistance. Remington has improved winter tolerance compared to traditional cultivars. Remington also exhibits improved tolerance to heat and produces longer into the summer than the competition. Remington's is well-suited to grazing and high-moisture cutting systems. Its exceptional palatability promotes high dry matter intake in a grazing situation.
  • Dense, leafy sward  
  • High yields    
  • Exceptional palatability and nutritive value    
  • Improved winter survival and summer production  
  • High disease resistance  
  • Persistent

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